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Sobha Developers Ltd is a relatively young development company established in 2012, operating as a subsidiary of the well-established Indian holding company, Sobha Developers, which has been actively involved in the industry since 1976. Sobha Developers is a large multinational conglomerate that undertakes construction ventures in various countries worldwide, including India, China, Oman, Tanzania, Bahrain, and the UAE, among others.

Sobha Developers was specifically created to cater to the Dubai real estate market and is comprised of two primary structural divisions:

  1. Sobha Contracting specializes in managing intricate construction processes, starting from design and extending to project completion.
  2. Sobha Manufacturing focuses on the installation of reinforced concrete structures, glazing, and interior decoration.

Regarding the specifics of Sobha Developers' operations, the company focuses on constructing both residential and commercial projects. With over 390 completed projects to its credit, Sobha Developers has successfully developed properties covering a total construction area exceeding 7,800,000 square meters.

Sobha's residential projects primarily include high-end apartments, villas, and townhouses. Striving to deliver the highest standards of quality, comfort, and safety in their properties, the company's specialists conduct meticulous inspections and verifications for each residence, complemented by assessments from independent experts. Sobha Developers source materials from top local and international suppliers to craft luxurious homes and apartments.

Projects 41
Founded in 1976
Price from 800,000 AED

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